How do you know that your knife is not sharp?

How often do I need to have my knives sharpened

What about garden tools and scissors? 

How should I store my knives? 

Do you sharpen Japanese/Asian knives?

I do! I usually do a 16 degree bevel on each side but I can do whatever bevel angle you want.

Do you sharpen serrated knives?

I do! One exception are CutCo brand serrated knives. Those do need to be sent back to CutCo for sharpening. 

Any recommendations for a buying knives? 

What if I want to sharpen my own knives or scissors? 

This sharpener is my favorite. It will sharpen knives, scissors and other items. It also comes with a very good instruction manual. You can also find stones and guides from this company. Also, their website had some great how to videos. Just remember, it takes practice. Check the thrift stores to see if they have some knives for you to practice with. 

Do you have a shop where I could drop off my knives and tools? 

I do not. I only sharpen at the market.